The Biblical Worldview - Part 5

The Preconditions of Intelligibility:

We believe that only a biblical worldview provides the necessary preconditions of morality, logic, and uniformity in nature necessary for us to really know anything. We believe that any anti-biblical worldview must "borrow" from biblical presuppositions in order to substantiate their beliefs. In other words, only the God of the Bible gives rational reasons for us to believe in absolute truth, moral right and wrong, critical thinking, the reliability of our own senses, and a foundation for observational science from which we can experiment, observe, and explore the world around us.

Without God, who sets forth His moral standard, we cannot know right and wrong. From an atheistic or evolutionary worldview, it is irrational to believe that we shouldn't steal, lie, or kill. But adherents to these belief systems still believe these things are wrong. After all, if we're all just "chemical reactions", why would we get upset when one chemical "reacts" with another by causing it to no longer exist? We wouldn't get upset with baking soda reacting with vinegar. They cannot substantiate these beliefs from their own worldview, so they must borrow from the foundational principles of the Bible to do so. But if there is a moral law, there must be a moral law giver.

We believe the same can be said of the laws of logic. God is orderly and He does things in an orderly, rational fashion. As a result, as believers, we have a reason to be logical – God requires it of us. Though those with anti-biblical worldviews insist on logic, because it's necessary for us to gain knowledge, they have no basis within their own worldview to be rational.

We believe the same can be said of our ability to trust the laws of gravity or thermodynamics. God upholds all things by the power of His Word. His promises are unbreakable and He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Therefore we have a reason to believe that He is upholding the universe in this age according to those principles. The adherents to other worldviews have no logical reason to believe that the sun will rise tomorrow when they believe the universe was the result of accidental happenstance. We have the surety of an unchanging, trustworthy, dependable God who never breaks His Word.