Church is the People Not the Place

One way of explaining this is to say, "You don't go to church, you are the Church". It doesn't matter if we met at a home, an office building, or a perfectly designed space laid out specifically for the needs of a ministry. The Church is a body made up of cells. Each cell is an individual person, and if done properly God is magnified when we come together in worship by a function of simple multiplication. There is nothing sacred about the meeting place. There's no need for austere formality when entering the sanctuary. Without the people, the building is just an empty husk as powerless to perform its purpose as a grocery store devoid of product filled aisles.

The reason we come together is to be equipped. The bulk of our ministry should happen outside the walls of any building. It should happen as a natural outgrowth of people who are receiving life transforming revelation of the Word. There's no condemnation for missing a Sunday. The only way we forsake the fellowshipping of one another is if we as believers stop talking about the Word when we're together. This can happen in home Bible studies, business lunches, over dinner tables, or at the neighborhood coffee house.

But at Rainmakers, Sundays are for equipping the saints for every good work. You won't hear emotionally charged messages about eliminating the sin in our lives. You'll hear techniques for understanding the Word, and as the Word is planted in your heart sin will be uprooted automatically. We believe that people empowered by the Gospel serve God more on accident than they ever did trying to do it under their own strength on purpose. We believe people empowered by the Gospel get excited about what God is doing in their lives and tell people about it without being exhorted to invite their friends to a Sunday service.

It's also worth saying that Church is People and not Programs. We don't need excuses to turn the lights on and keep the doors open. We don't need a ministry that is tailor fit to every demographic from infants to seniors. We don't need ministries geared toward people of certain interest groups to get the attention of people who wouldn't otherwise be interested in coming. We don't need to disguise our faith to get people in our building. All we need is to discuss the Word, and that is a one size fits all solution to whatever ails you.

Yes, people are burnt out on what they know of Christianity. But "Christianity" and the real Gospel have become two very different things. Take it from us, a group of disenfranchised, religion haters that get bored out of our minds in a traditional church service: the real Gospel never fails to get the interest of those with a void in their lives. Receptivity and teachability, along with a healthy dose of the Holy Spirit's kindness, take care of the rest.