God Isn't Mysterious Or Hard To Know

One of Rainmaker's best and brightest told me about a conversation she had with her mom. In a discussion about the Bible, her mom said, "If there's one thing I know from the Bible, it's that 'God helps those who help themselves'" to which she replied, "Actually, mom, that's not anywhere in the Bible." Sadly today, most believers are biblically illiterate. The last time biblical illiteracy was so prevalent, the world fell into the dark ages. It doesn't matter the reason, the vast majority of Christians don't really know their Bibles. As a result, a lot of quaint, nice, homey sayings about God have made their ways into the minds of believers as scripture when they're really nothing more than clich├ęs.

One of the worst of these is the old saying, "God moves in mysterious ways." Biblically speaking nothing could be further from the Truth. The Bible is in fact a detailed account of exactly how hard God has worked to demonstrate to people exactly how "unmysterious" and knowable He really is. In fact, Jesus repeatedly told His disciples it was given to them to know the "mysteries" of the Kingdom. His whole post resurrection mission was to clearly reveal the mysteries of the Old Testament to His followers so that they would be properly equipped to convey His message to Jerusalem, Judea, and the farthest parts of the world. God was not mysterious to the disciples or the early church. The reason He seems mysterious to us is simply because we don't know His Word.

Isaiah 55:9 is often taken wrongly. Yes the verse says that God's ways and thoughts are higher than our ways and thoughts. But nowhere in this verse is it conveyed that those higher ways and thoughts are mysterious or unknowable. In Job 42:5, after receiving correction for His misunderstandings about God's true nature, Job said that until then he had heard about God but he didn't really know God until He witnessed God's behavior with His own eyes. Job lived in a time when there was no Bible to pick up and read all about our God of love's good, holy, just, and creative character. But David, a man after God's own heart, looked forward to the day we live in. He recognized his need for a Savior, knowing that God would justify and make him righteous. He asked God to lead him to the rock that was higher than himself in Psalm 61:2. Luke 6:48, Ephesians 2:20, and Romans 9:33 show us that Jesus is that rock.

His work makes it possible for us to understand all the mysteries of God and the Kingdom. That knowledge is the source of the God-kind-of-life experienced by all true disciples. It is possible to know God's will and plan for our lives. He wants you clued into exactly what He's doing and how He operates, and He's spelled it all out step by step in His Word.