The Biblical Worldview - Part 1

Literal Genesis and Global Flood:

We believe that God created everything in a literal six day (six twenty-four hour) periods and rested on the seventh day. We believe the creation account in Genesis chapters 1-3 actually happened. We do not believe that science and faith are at odds with each other. We believe that there is an abundance of scientific evidence to support a young earth, a global flood, and that all of humanity is descended from Adam and Eve.

We reject the notions that the Genesis account of creation and the theory of evolution can co-exist. We reject the concept of the Gap theory, theistic evolution, or day/age creation. We believe that compromising on any of these views means that God called death and destruction in the fossil record that occurred in the supposed millions of years prior to Eden "good", and that therefore death was not a consequence of man's sin, sin did not caused the curse on our world, and that curse did not require the redemption purchased by Jesus' sacrifice. We believe for the theory of evolution to be true the Bible could not be what it claims, and therefore reject evolutionary thought as fallacious.