Rightly Dividing The Word - Part 5

At Rainmakers, our foundational principles for rightly dividing the Word of Truth are divided in to five fundamental "Ground Rules". A comprehensive teaching series, including five written articles, teaching each of these principles in detail are located on this site on our Ground Rules page, or under the Ground Rules section of our MEDIA page where the teachings themselves can be streamed in MP3 format. Included herein, are synopses of these principles for inclusion within our Statement of Faith.

The Law of One Degree:

We believe one of the biggest hindrances to understanding the Word of God in our churches today is that the enemy perverts sound doctrine. Most Christians would never believe an outright lie such as God wants you to kill babies. It's obviously wrong. However, many of us do believe the much more subtle lie that God may give your child a sickness to bring Him glory, teach us humility, or "take the child home because God needed him in heaven more than we needed him here." These perversions of God's nature rob believers of the power, authority, and responsibility our God-given dominion conveys.

As a result, we fail to live out the true capability of fully fledged citizens of the Kingdom, and the preaching of the Word fails to see the signs and wonders God promised would follow its teaching. As a result the spiral continues, we rationalize our failures or the devil's actions by attributing qualities to God's character that are unjust and absurd. "God doesn't heal everyone." "He works in mysterious ways." "He's punishing you for some unconfessed sin in your life." "Miracles aren't for today".

All it takes for doctrine to become unsound is for it to knocked off course by one degree. In a journey from New York to Los Angeles, if your compass was off by just one degree, you would miss your destination by hundreds of miles. So too is the walk of our faith. The enemy doesn't have to get us to rebel against God, all he has to do is get us to believe half-truths that make us seek carnal, intellectual or emotional experience rather than spiritual revelation; don't comport with the whole counsel of the Word, violate God's True nature, or trick us into applying Old Covenant principles in lieu of the real Gospel of Grace. Accomplishing any of these things will leave us with a form of godliness that lacks the power thereof, and God's Word tells us that from such we must turn away.