Rightly Dividing The Word - Part 4

At Rainmakers, our foundational principles for rightly dividing the Word of Truth are divided in to five fundamental "Ground Rules". A comprehensive teaching series, including five written articles, teaching each of these principles in detail are located on this site on our Ground Rules page, or under the Ground Rules section of our MEDIA page where the teachings themselves can be streamed in MP3 format. Included herein, are synopses of these principles for inclusion within our Statement of Faith.

The Law of Two Covenants:

We believe it is critical for every believer to understand that the Bible is comprised of two separate and different covenants between God and man. The first of these covenants is seen at work in the Old Testament. Known as The Law, this promise was revealed to humanity through God's dealings with His chosen people – the nation of Israel. Prior to the Law, mankind was unable to come to terms with the ramifications of Sin's consequence on our race, our reality, our relationships, and our realm. Mankind judged themselves by themselves, comparing their relative goodness to each other. Through the Law, God revealed His standard of goodness – a standard that no matter how hard we tried we could not live up to.

The second of these covenants is called Grace and is presented to us through the life and message of Jesus in the New Testament. Jesus fulfilled all the requirements of the Law by living a sinless life and dying the death of an innocent sacrifice, thereby satisfying the required consequence for sin – death. However, Jesus overcame that death by the power of the Holy Spirit. Through this promise of Grace, we have access through Jesus into the same transformative power by which the Holy Spirit makes us one with Jesus, indwells us, and transforms us into the image of the Father.

These two covenants exist in opposition to one another. The Old Testament prophesied that the Law would pass away (be fulfilled) and that a better promise would come. The New Testament reveals that because of Jesus, we as believers are not under the Law any longer. In other words, the way we relate to the Father is not through acts of obedience, offerings of sacrifice, or a life of "religious" piety that strives to dot every "I" and cross every "T" so that God will bless us. Instead, we're justified by identification with Christ, through a supernatural faith that is a gift from the Father. This same faith allows us to walk out our lives as citizens of the Kingdom Jesus told us He came to bring and instructed us to pray would be made manifest here on earth. The war between God and man is over – the angels meant it when they said peace on earth, good will toward men.

As a result, it is WRONG for New Covenant believers to try to relate to God through Old Covenant means. As we study the Bible, we have a responsibility to interpret the Old Testament through a New Testament understanding. This reflects on how we view doctrines that impose the Law on believers under Grace. We are NOT supposed to try to resurrect Old Testament doctrine as though it applies to our lives today WITHOUT the revelation of what Jesus did or how that affects our relationship with the Father. The heroes of the faith like Abraham, Moses, and David are envious of the unfettered relationship we have with God that was simply unavailable during their lives. We are responsible to live the principles Jesus taught when He revealed to us the mysteries of this new promise.