Rightly Dividing The Word - Part 3

At Rainmakers, our foundational principles for rightly dividing the Word of Truth are divided in to five fundamental "Ground Rules". A comprehensive teaching series, including five written articles, teaching each of these principles in detail are located on this site on our Ground Rules page, or under the Ground Rules section of our MEDIA page where the teachings themselves can be streamed in MP3 format. Included herein, are synopses of these principles for inclusion within our Statement of Faith.

The Law of Inviolable Character:

Additionally, we believe that God CANNOT violate His true nature. He is a separate, good, creative, and just God of love.

By separate, we mean that God is unlike any other, a wholly unique being, whose ways are higher and better than even the noblest intentions of man. But just because His ways are higher and better does NOT mean that those ways are unknowable or mysterious. God is constantly endeavoring to make Himself known to humanity and promises that those who diligently seek Him will be rewarded.

By good, we mean that God is the arbiter of what is good. He is good all the time. He does not do bad things. This does NOT mean that God "allows" bad things to happen in our lives for "good" reasons. It means that when bad things happen, it was NOT God's doing. It may be the opposition of the enemy, but more likely it is merely the consequences of living in a fallen and corrupt world.

By creative, we mean that only God has the power to create something from nothing. Through His Word all things exist, and by His Word that existence is upheld. God didn't stop being creative at the end of day six. Creativity is an integrated part of His nature, and His means and methods for communicating, interacting, and causing us to draw closer to Him will never cease to amaze us. The world around us testifies of His existence just by being. When bad things do happen, if we respond by drawing closer to God and submitting our lives to Him, He can and will take those circumstances and make them turn out for our good – BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN HE CAUSED THOSE BAD THINGS TO HAPPEN.

By just, we mean that God, in His creative goodness, demands that all things conform to His pre-established standard of correctness. God created us with the intention of having fellowship with Him. Moreover He made us in His image so that we could experience more of His nature by having dominion in this earthly realm. It wasn't His grace or love alone that drove Him to set things straight by paying the price for our sin. Rather, it was His innate and unavoidable standard of justice – His need for things to be in right relationship with Him as He created them to be in the first place – that drove Him to make that sacrifice. God's justice corrected our error every bit as much as His grace and love. We need not be afraid of his justice or His judgment.

By love, we mean that God isn't just loving, but that He himself is the origin and definition of all true love. It is impossible to relate to Him unless we have a revelation of how vast and wide and unstoppably strong His love for each of us is. God is NOT angry with you. His wrath has been one hundred percent satisfied by Jesus, and nothing will stop Him from demonstrating just how radical His love for humanity is.

This is God's inviolable character. This picture of Him is revealed most completely in the nature and character of Jesus, who is the express image of the Father and can do only what He sees the Father do. Up until Christ, in the Old Testament, we saw only glimpses and shadows of God's whole character. However, He cannot act in discord with this nature. This is important because knowing this allows us to make sense of difficult portions of scripture that can be misinterpreted if we have an understanding of God that is not in compliance with His nature as revealed in the whole counsel of the Word.