Rightly Dividing The Word - Part 2

At Rainmakers, our foundational principles for rightly dividing the Word of Truth are divided in to five fundamental "Ground Rules". A comprehensive teaching series, including five written articles, teaching each of these principles in detail are located on this site on our Ground Rules page, or under the Ground Rules section of our MEDIA page where the teachings themselves can be streamed in MP3 format. Included herein, are synopses of these principles for inclusion within our Statement of Faith.

The Law of the Word:

Next, we believe that God has esteemed His Word even above His own name. We believe that God's Word never fails when it is properly understood and at work in the lives of believers; and according to its power at work on the inside of us, God can accomplish things beyond our wildest imaginations. We believe that God's Word is living and powerful. Most importantly, we believe that Jesus is and always has been God's Word. He was the Word that spoke creation into existence, and He became wrapped in flesh so that He could speak God's final verdict on sin when He said "It is finished" on the cross. We believe that as the Word, Jesus not only purchased our salvation but our healing from every sickness and disease as well. We believe that the nearly-too-good-to-be-True news Jesus preached and lived showed us an example of how we as His disciples are supposed to live today. We believe that God gave us His inspired Word for doctrine, instruction, correction, and reproof so that we as believers may be equipped for every good work. We believe that faith comes by hearing the Word over and over until its reality supersedes the natural circumstances and situations we face every day. We believe that God's commitment to His Word is so complete that He never uses any other means to teach, correct, reproof, rebuke, prune, or chastise us. We believe that if God were to use ANY OTHER MEANS of instruction or correction (including disease, death, or destruction of any kind) He would need to apologize to Jesus for calling His work of transformation in our lives incomplete.