Rightly Dividing The Word

At Rainmakers, our foundational principles for rightly dividing the Word of Truth are divided in to five fundamental "Ground Rules". A comprehensive teaching series, including five written articles, teaching each of these principles in detail are located on this site on our Ground Rules page, or under the Ground Rules section of our MEDIA page where the teachings themselves can be streamed in MP3 format. Included herein, are synopses of these principles for inclusion within our Statement of Faith.

The Law of Spirit and Truth:

First and foremost, we take Jesus seriously when He says that the Father seeks true worshippers who worship in Spirit and Truth. A worshipper is someone who acknowledges that the Father has made all things subject to the authority of Jesus Christ, His only son, that through Him all things were made, and by Him all of mankind was redeemed from the advent of sin. True worshippers don't just have the appearance of "Christianity" but the corresponding nature of the name we claim to bear as evidenced by the outward manifestation of the fruits of the Spirit in our lives. By Truth, we mean "reality as it exists in the original norm" or "reality as it exists to God". As the Creator of all things, God has a purpose and a plan for His creation. He has not deviated in that purpose since the dawn of time, and it is His desire for us to operate in that plan through restored right relationship with the Father today. By Spirit, we mean that God is spirit and in as much, He communicates to us by spiritual means. We do not receive revelation through five-sense oriented (carnal) stimuli, academic (intellectual) study, or emotional experiences, but by constant exposure to His uncorrupted source of spiritual Truth – His Word.