The Holy Spirit

The Real Deal

We believe that the Holy Spirit is an equal and separate part of God's triune being. We believe that after His ascension into Heaven, Jesus instructed His disciples to wait until the Holy Spirit came to fill them with power to be witnesses. We believe that the Holy Spirit actively instructs those that diligently study the Word with regard to the original Gospel first taught by Jesus and then by His disciples.

We believe that the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" entails the believer identifying with the Spirit's active role in that disciple's life. We believe that all of the gifts of the Spirit are for today and that God does not intend for any believer to operate without them. We denounce any doctrine that says these gifts were only for the church in the time of the book of Acts and that they have ceased their operation today as this is inconsistent with the testimony of scripture.

We do NOT believe that "baptism in the Holy Spirit" need be accompanied by any sort of "supernatural encounter", emotional experience, or physical manifestation. We receive the baptism of the spirit through simple confession of faith as easily and simply as we did Jesus' sacrifice for our sins.

We believe that one of the primary evidences of the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the gift of a prayer language. This is NOT brought about by a compulsory force exerted upon a person by God. The believer is in full control, can start and stop speaking at will, and will often times grow in comfort and fluidity of this prayer language over time. This prayer language serves to edify the believer by bypassing the understanding (intellect) and allowing the Holy Spirit to pray "through" the believer at times when that disciple either does not know specifically what or how to pray.