The Power To Do What Truth Demands

We believe that Grace is NOT just the unmerited favor of God. We believe Grace is the power to do what Truth demands of us. Grace is the "effortless" process at work in the lives of every believer according to the understanding of freedom bringing revelation Truth inside of us. While the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation, Grace is the method and means of ongoing transformation.

We believe that no amount of striving or struggling to "get it right" will cause us to measure up to God's standard of perfection. We believe we are justified in the sight of the Father solely by the act of the Son. We believe the message of Grace will leave you with the feeling you can sin all you want; but we also believe that the power of Grace at work in the life of the believer will leave that disciple with no desire to sin. We believe that when we love our God we will cease to sin – not that when we cease to sin we've proven we love our God. His light in us drives the darkness out of us.

We believe that the activation of Grace is not contingent upon seeking "supernatural" experiences. We believe that all that is required is the "renewing of our minds" by the hearing of the Word. We believe that, while they can be encouraging, no worship service, prayer meeting, conference, or revival is necessary to encounter God. Grace is an operating function of the Holy Spirit at work inside the life of a believer, and because the Holy Spirit is always present – we've no need to seek him to "fill this place", "pour himself out" or otherwise manifest in any way more than He already has. We just need to be doers of the Word who identify with and operate in the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.