The Gospel

Nearly Too Good To Be True

We believe the Gospel means the nearly-to-good-to-be-true news. We believe that all too often in church today the True Gospel has been over simplified, poorly focused, and misdirected. In the great commission Jesus directed us to go into all the world, preach the Gospel, and make disciples. Instead, much of modern evangelism has focused on making converts. This convert-centric approach has left many people exposed to Christianity but inoculated against the transformative effects of the real Gospel. In other words, they are given a ticket to heaven, but not educated about the Gospel's process of effortless change. This leaves them striving to live "righteous" lives via Old Covenant do's and don'ts we can't live up to while waiting to be made perfect in heaven.

We believe the real Gospel teaches us how to live life as God experiences it now, down on the ground while we're still around. We believe that eternal life isn't synonymous with immortality. It doesn't start when we get to heaven. It starts now. We believe that it is the job of every disciple to be salt and light, icons of preservation and revelation, in the world around us. We believe we're here for a reason.

We believe the Holy Spirit leads us to repentance by His kindness, and that the modern Gospel's sin-focused, get saved to avoid hell message, is more fear-based than faith-based. We believe making converts is easy but making disciples is hard. We believe salvation is the door to the kingdom, but Jesus didn't say repent so you don't go to hell – though hell is real. He said repent because the Kingdom is now. We believe Jesus wants us to stop hanging out on the porch and enter into all the Kingdom is meant to be.

We believe salvation is free, but destiny will cost you everything. Jesus said that we need to count the cost to follow Him. He promised that we would be persecuted for His sake. He said that He came to be an offense, and because His message draws a line in the sand between who He is and every pretender to the throne, those that follow Him will be judged intolerant for doing the same. We believe love is a choice, not a feeling. Jesus chose to love us before we loved Him, and in sharing our faith and making disciples we have to lay down our own soulish lives to do the same for others.

We believe that the presentation of the real Gospel is testified to by the Holy Spirit via the manifestation of signs and wonders. We believe these miracles are designed by God to follow the preaching of the Word's message as He intended it, and that these signs follow when that message is focused on the simplicity of Christ. We believe that as true disciples we must be discerning of any ministry claiming to preach the Gospel yet lacking the manifestations Jesus promised would follow.