Understanding Man's Power, Authority, and Responsibility

We do NOT believe in the current doctrine known as DOMINION THEOLOGY, in which "the Church" must prepare the way for the return of Jesus. We do NOT believe that the church must be a "spotless" bride prior to Christ's return because Jesus is the one who makes the Church spotless in the first place. We do NOT believe that the church will continue to become so powerful that it is the most influential force on the planet prior to the rapture.

We define DOMINION as man's God-given authority, power, and responsibility to be fruitful and multiply over the face of the earth, and to tend and keep that which He entrusted to us. We believe that in heaven, God's will always comes to pass. This is why Jesus taught His disciples to pray "your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven". However, He has chosen to limit Himself on the earth in so much as He gave us dominion, and in order for His will to come to pass it has to be accomplished through a rightly related son of Adam. We believe that God cannot "lawfully" override man's dominion. Doing so would cause Him to violate His own Word. We can choose not to allow His power to operate in our lives, and we can choose to reject the plan that He has for us.

We believe that mankind's dominion is "transferable" in so much as we can give it away, and man did just that at the Fall. We believe Satan does not operate in some otherworldly, supernatural power, but in the stolen dominion of Adam entrusted to us in the beginning – that is why the New Testament calls him the "god of this world". We believe that's why it was so important that Jesus be NOT ONLY all God, BUT ALSO all man. Jesus was the "last Adam", and His sinless life, innocent death, and resurrection stole the "keys of the kingdom" (Adam's original dominion) away from Satan. Today, mankind can never again be compromised because this dominion is in the hands of the uncompromisable Son of Man – Jesus – and through Him we have all the authority, power, and responsibility to be fruitful, multiply, tend, and keep we were intended to originally. Since Jesus' resurrection, Satan only has the authority individual men secede to him through unbelief.