The Biblical Worldview - Part 4

The Condition of Mankind:

We believe that God created mankind, male and female, perfect, in His image. This means that like God is three parts (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), man is three parts (Spirit, Soul, and Body). God placed man in Eden, and mankind sinned. This Sin resulted in the death of man's spiritual component immediately which led progressively to His physical death.

We believe Sin's consequence had ramifications on all of mankind and the earth. In mankind, by causing us to take on a nature that was independent from the Father via an internal knowledge of good and evil we were never meant to have. In the earth, Sin's consequence released death, disease, and destruction of all manner. Mankind was incapable of restoring himself because this Sin nature was pervasive, malignant, and immediately congenital.

We believe God, through His justice, love, and mercy prophesied His plan for mankind's redemption through Jesus from the very moment He explained the ramifications of Sin's curse. God's actions throughout the Old Testament reflect His attempts to show mankind his ultimate need of a Savior, the futility of trying to save himself, and the relentlessness of the Father's determination to restore His favored creation to right relationship with Him.