The Biblical Worldview - Part 3

Only Jesus Christ is the Authentic Messiah:

We believe Jesus is the Word wrapped in flesh. We believe Jesus is the son of God. We believe He is the second Adam, the first-born of a new race. We believe that He was born of a virgin. We believe He is the express image of the Father and can do only what He sees the Father do. We believe that He healed the lame, blind, deaf, dumb, raised the dead and cast out demons. We believe He did all these things because He understood the dominion God gave to Adam in Eden and came with the express purpose of restoring that dominion to mankind. We believe He authorized His disciples to operate in this dominion –that they did so successfully – and we believe before He ascended He authorized all who believe in Him as well.

We believe He lived a sinless life. We believe He succeeded in laying down His soul. We believe He died shedding His innocent blood as a perfect sacrifice for sin, and rose again, and appeared to many witnesses after His resurrection. We believe that acknowledging Him as Lord in our hearts and confessing Him as Lord with our mouths is all that is required for salvation. We believe that Jesus paid the price for Sin (in its entirety) once and forever. This includes our past, present, and future sins because all of our sins were "future tense" when He died for them.

We believe He purchased not only salvation, but also our healing from sickness and disease. We believe that this healing is "past tense" meaning it has already been accomplished and all we need to do to appropriate it in our lives is believe it the same way we believed when we accepted His gift of salvation. We believe He sent His Spirit to give us power. We believe He gave us that power to understand and live out the mysteries of the Kingdom and the abundant Life His teachings say He came to earth to bring.

We believe His return is imminent. We believe His throne is not in heaven, but on earth, and that He will reign over the new earth from a New Jerusalem. We believe all that is in heaven and on earth is subject to Him, that the Father has esteemed Him above all things, and that all the promises of God are yes and amen in Him.