Body, Soul, and Spirit

Three-part God, Three-part Man

We believe that in order to operate in the full rights of Kingdom citizenship it is necessary to understand how God created us. We believe God created us in His image. As God is a three part being (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), we are a three part being (Spirit, Soul, and Body).

We believe that man's spirit instantly died at the Fall and is the part of man that is "born-again" at salvation, made completely new and utterly perfect to God. We believe we are one spirit with Jesus, have His mind, and are capable of receiving revelation knowledge from God through our spirits.

Our bodies comprise the physical elements of our being and enable us to interact with the world around us through our senses but have no means of spiritual revelation. The desires of our natural bodies, physical circumstances, and temporal situations conflict with the superseding spiritual reality of God. Our bodies will be made new only after we're resurrected or raptured at the end of this age upon the return of Jesus.

Our souls are comprised of our minds, our wills, and our emotions. Our souls receive and interpret information from both our body and our spirit whereupon our will makes decisions that guide us toward life and godliness or sin and death. Our souls undergo a process of ongoing transformation outlined in scripture as we continue the "renewing of our minds" to the Word of God. This process is "effortless" in the sense that as we submit the desires of our flesh (bodies) to God as a "living sacrifice" we resist the influence of the enemy. As our minds are renewed, our faith in the revelation of the spirit grows more dominant in our thoughts by hearing the Word to the exclusion of natural influences. This allows us to cultivate positive emotions that undergird our Word-compliant choices, ultimately manifesting in our physical realities through lives filled with the fruit of the Spirit.